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Conclusion after 1 year in use: 65% cost savings

Conclusion after 1 year in use: 65% cost savings

ZF Lemförder achieves a cost saving of 65 % by using a Pöttinger SSC screw compressor system

ZF Friedrichshafen AG is an internationally known specialist in the manufacture of transmissions, steering systems, axles and chassis components for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and off-road machinery.
At its site in Lebring in southern Styria with 420 employees, the company manufactures intelligent chassis systems for renowned automotive manufacturers all over the world. Sustainability and environmental protection are very important to the company, for which it was also awarded the Sustainability Award of the Republic of Austria.


Increasing volumes and costs require an efficient system

Due to the increased quantities of cardboard packaging and the resulting higher transport costs, planning for a PÖTTINGER screw compactor system at the Styrian site began around two years ago. Until then, a standard compactor container with a filling volume of 20 m³ had been rented through the waste management company.
Pöttinger Entsorgungstechnik was involved in the planning of the project from the very beginning and was thus able to contribute its extensive experience gained over many years.


"We are very satisfied with the Pöttinger screw compactor as well as the service level and can only recommend it."
Daniel Pisano (Logistics Process Planning, ZF Lemförder Achssysteme Ges.m.b.H.)


A Pöttinger SSC 15 screw compactor system with a 32 m³ docking container and a wall connection bonnet for feeding from the building was implemented. During the planning phase, special consideration was given to the health and safety of the employees. The advantages of feeding from the building are obvious:


  • Optimisation of internal logistics and time savings due to short distances for employees
  • Protection from wind and weather by loading from inside the building
  • Highest safety for the employees through certified safety technology


Feeding from inside the building enables a pleasant working environment and short distances for employees.


440 t/year - capacity designed for future demand

The ZF site in Lebring has been using the SSC 15 system with a 32 m³ docking container for about a year. In order to also cover the annually increasing disposal demand, the SSC 15 system was designed for a capacity of 440 t/year in 3-shift operation with a 5-day week. For the year 2023, a quantity of 200 t/year of cardboard boxes is forecast. The screw compactor plant is therefore designed for twice the annual quantity in order to also meet the requirements for the future.


Protecting the environment by using PÖTTINGER products

On average, there is room for more than 8 tonnes of cardboard packaging in a 32 m³ container. Compared to the previous resystem, this results in a significant reduction in collection intervals. ZF thus achieves a saving in transport costs of around 65 % and thus a reduction in CO₂ emissions by the same amount.

Together we are very proud of this result. It has been proven once again that the use of PÖTTINGER products actively contributes to CO₂ reduction and environmental protection.


Pure efficiency - the SSC 15 screw compactor with high filling volume, high compression and processing speed.


The advantages of the PÖTTINGER screw compactor:

  • High filling volume due to high compression of up to 10:1
  • Easy operation
  • High processing speed
  • High efficiency due to continuous feeding (up to 200 m3 packaging waste per hour)
  • Clean solution for a clean environment
  • Through building feeding: disposal possible directly at the point of origin and thus short distances and pleasant working environment for employees


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